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on May 08, 18

The gift that changes lives for women from refugee backgrounds

Donations that Pomegranate Kitchen receives through The Good Registry support this training for women from refugee backgrounds, helping more women to develop valuable professional skills and improve their English. View article

on Apr 26, 18

How to use a birthday celebration to help save the whales

Kirsty Fyfe  pledged her 50th birthday to support Project Jonah, which exists to respect and protect marine mammals. 

Instead of gifts, 12 friends who joined Kirsty for a birthday lunch made donations at The Good Registry, and together they contributed $520.

Kirsty says she felt much happier knowing that the money her friends spent will help to do good, rather than being spent on gifts she didn’t need.

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on Apr 05, 18

How to celebrate your birthday and raise money for Alzheimers

Instead of receiving gifts, Deb Wood chose to pledge her 60th birthday to Alzheimers NZ through The Good Registry after...

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on Mar 26, 18

Five good tips for an eco-friendly Easter

Easter can mean a mountain of waste going to landfill — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your small changes can make a big difference! Here are a few ideas for a less wasteful Easter. View article

on Feb 22, 18

Trelise's happy birthday without gifts

Trelise Neal celebrated her 8th birthday without gifts from her friends - and couldn’t have been happier.  Instead of receiving gifts for herself, Trelise decided to donate her birthday to the SPCA. 

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on Feb 20, 18

Amanda pays it forward with goodness instead of gifts

Amanda Rowe says paying forward her birthday for the Neonatal Trust felt great.
“I really didn’t really need anything for my 45th birthday. I decided to use The Good Registry as a way of donating what others would spend on birthday gifts to put towards a good cause.” View article

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