Our Supporters

We are grateful to everyone who helps us daily to do more good. Here are some stand-out good sorts.

Tech Sponsor

Our pro-bono partners:

Our good friends and volunteers

Everyone needs good friends! Here are some of ours:

  • Hank Chou, for smart tech solutions to help us do more good
  • Mathew Boyles, for front-end development to help our website look great
  • We Love Local, NZ's best ethical gift boxes, for offering the joy of giving through The Good Registry to their customers too
  • Owen Evans, for smart and generous technology advice and mentoring
  • Andrew Weaver, for business development support, mentoring, coaching and wise counsel
  • Fran Drager of Designfetti, for our delightful branding
  • All of our charities, and all of our givers
  • You! Thank you for your support. We appreciate it :-)

Good givers

If you're giving through The Good Registry you're in good company.

Here are some businesses and organisations that have shown their care for people and the planet by gifting with The Good Registry:

(If you're not on this list, and would like to be please get in touch!)

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