Our Supporters

We are grateful to everyone who helps us daily to do more good. Here are some stand-out good sorts. 

2018 Silver Sponsor


Touchtech is a multi-award winning, Australasian product design and development studio. They love doing good work. They designed and built our gift registry app. 

Corporate Kickstarters

New Zealand Steel

Janine Scott - Integro

Cathy Wagstaff - Signature Media

Wayne & Melanie Kennerley

Andrew Cotterrell - Cornerstone Partners

Our very special thanks to:

We are fortunate and grateful to have the help of:
  • Deloitte for the ultimate in strategy, support and smart solutions
  • The brilliant team at Duncan Cotterill, for wise and generous legal support
  • The wonderful Biz Dojo, for our awesome sponsored workspace
  • The smart minds at The Navigators, for guiding our research
  • Zapier, who provide us the tools that streamline our Good Gift Card orders.

Our good friends

Everyone needs good friends! Here are some of ours:

  • Kin2Kin - valued partners in promoting our Good Gift Vouchers
  • Owen Evans, for savvy and generous technology advice and mentoring
  • Fran Drager of Designfetti, for our delightful branding 
  • All of our charities, and all of our givers
  • You! Thank you for your support. We appreciate it :-) 



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