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on Oct 19, 21

How giving helps team culture and employee wellbeing

Having a positive workplace culture that supports wellbeing has been shown to be a key driver of employee productivity, happiness...

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on Oct 18, 21

Improving health outcomes for one in six Kiwis living with respiratory disease

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for all of us, but for those living with asthma and respiratory disease, it’s...

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on Oct 11, 21

A camp with a difference

“Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.” - Randy Pausch Lennox was just three years old when they were...

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on Oct 15, 21

Bringing Māori voices to the world

We are delighted to be announcing our newest charity partner joining The Good Registry whānau! The Māori Literature Trust  |...

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on Oct 05, 21

Gift at your own risk: The top 5 gifts that are commonly regifted (or binned!)

It seems that gift-giving grows ever more complicated. Perhaps people are becoming pickier. Or perhaps as a society we’ve grown...

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on Oct 05, 21

The joy of meaningful mahi

By Courtney Ellingham Prebble Over the past 14 weeks, I have been interning here at The Good Registry creating engaging...

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