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Give the gift of giving!

We're for people who love to give, and don't love waste. Because gift giving isn't about consumerism, competition, and creating clutter. It's about showing that we care - for people, and the planet. 

We have created two simple ways to give more joy - not more stuff:

  • Create your own Good Gift Registry for a special event (e.g. a wedding, a child’s birthday, a milestone birthday) and ask friends to donate to a charity you choose, instead of buying gifts.
  • Give Good Gift Cards instead of traditional gifts, to enable others to make donations to charities they care about.

If every person in New Zealand replaced one $10 gift with a donation to a good cause, that would be $47 million of goodness! Plus a lot less wrapping and packaging going to landfill, less stress for gift-buyers, and less clutter in our homes.


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Give a Good Gift Card

Good Gift Cards can be redeemed to make donations to any of our partner charitiesThey are delivered by email along with instructions for redeeming them. When buying Good Gift Cards, you can choose from different templates (like Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or Thank You) and add a personal message.

Find out more about Good Gift Cards here. Buy Good Gift Cards here. Redeem Good Gift Cards here. Or email us if you'd like to know more: hello@thegoodregistry.com

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Create a 'Good Registry'

If you're celebrating a special event, and you don't want or need gifts, you can create a registry with us, and instead of gifts, your friends and family can give simply to cause you care about. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose the event you’d like to give away — a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Easter, Christmas, Christening, baby shower, engagementbar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, farewell, house-warming, family bereavement, public speaking events, the list goes on.
  2. Choose the charity you’d like donations on your behalf to go to and write a few words about why.
  3. We’ll give you a unique link to share with friends, family and others through social media, wedding or party invitations, or by email or word of mouth.
  4. Anyone who wishes to contribute can visit your page (using your unique link), make an online donation, and share a message.
  5. You and your gifters will be able to see how much is raised (on your page) and celebrate that (but we won’t show the individual value of each gift).
  6. At the end of your event we’ll tally up donations, let you know how much was raised, and make the donation (less our service fee) on your behalf to your chosen charity.

We're also very happy to help you create your registry. Email us if you'd like our help: hello@thegoodregistry.com

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How we cover costs

Creating and operating The Good Registry comes with the costs of website development, hosting, maintenance, administration, marketing and community engagement. We keep these costs as low a possible to keep fees as low as possible too.

The Good Registry is free for anyone to sign up, free to create a gift registry and free for our charities.

We deduct 10% in fees from the total donations made each month before paying out donations to your selected charities.

There are two parts to this fee:

  • Card processing/transaction fees (paid to our payment service provider Stripe).
  • Cost recovery for administration and management costs, including the ongoing development, hosting and maintenance of The Good Registry website, processing and record keeping for payments to charities, receipting, auditing, user support, marketing and community engagement.

The 10% is deducted from total funds donated to each charity, after the aggregation of all donations through our gift registries and Good Gift Cards each month. The total amount donated to the charity, and the amount they will receive after the 10% deduction, is clearly and transparently communicated to each recipient charity each month.

We are not making a profit yet, but when we do, we will reduce the administration fee (our aim is to get it to 5%, over time), and we will always reinvest at least 51% of any profit that we do make to do more good.


Our business model

The Good Registry is a social enterprise: a business, with a social-good purpose at our heart. We exist to simplify giving and do good. That goodness is two fold: as well as helping good causes, we’re helping to reduce waste.

All donations to The Good Registry are handled by our registered charitable trust (CC54846). The Good Registry Trust receives your donations and and then pays forward donations to your chosen charities, less the service fee. 

A New Zealand registered company, The Good Registry Limited, provides all of the technology, marketing and administration to sustain and grow our community and our platform, and levies the administration fee that covers those costs. 

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Who we are

Christine Langdon

Co-founder, CE & Chief of Good.

Christine Langdon

Tracey Bridges

Co-founder & Director

Tracey Bridges

Sue McCabe

Co-founder & Director

Sue McCabe

Tamsin Wilkins

Chair, The Good Registry Trust.

Tamsin Wilkins

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