About The Good Registry

What is The Good Registry’s purpose?

How does The Good Registry cover its costs?

Creating a registry for an event

How do I create a registry for my special event?

Will I know who has gifted and how much?

Do I need Facebook to share my event?

Can I edit my event details once my registry has gone live?

What if I decide to cancel my gifting event?

Will I receive a receipt for the donations gifted on my behalf?

Gifting to gift registries

How do I make a gift to someone’s gift registry?

How do I find the gift registry of a person I’d like to gift to?

Can I give to a different charity than the one featured in the registry I’m giving to?

Can my donation to a registry be anonymous?

What is the minimum gift amount for a registry?

Good Gift Cards

How do I buy a Good Gift Card?

Can I donate to multiple charities with one Good Gift Card?

When AND WHY do Good Gift Cards expire?

What happens with the money if a gift card is not redeemed?

Payments processing and receipting

When will my credit card be charged?

Can I change the gifted amount after making my donation?

Will I receive a donation receipt for my gift?

Is my donation eligible for a New Zealand tax credit?

How do I claim the tax back on my donation and how much can I claim?

Can I gift from anywhere in the world?

When and how are donations on-paid to chosen charities?


Does The Good Registry charge a fee?

Does The Good Registry make a profit on fees?

What sorts of costs does the fee cover?

Our charities

How were the charities on The Good Registry chosen?

Can I nominate my favourite charity to be on The Good Registry?

I’m a charity. Can we sign up?

Does The Good Registry vet or do checks on its charities?

I work for a charity and I have a question that’s not answered here.

Why The Good Registry?

Why use The Good Registry rather than give directly to my chosen charity?

Why create a gift registry instead of asking friends and family to give directly to a charity?

Business model

Is The Good Registry a Trust or a business?

Who are the people behind The Good Registry?

Ways to get involved

Can I work for The Good Registry?

Can my organisation partner with or advertise on The Good Registry?


Does The Good Registry vet or screen gift registry pages?

Does The Good Registry vet or screen charity pages?


Are my credit card details secure?

Is my private information safe?

Will you pass on my personal details to anyone else?

What should I do if I’ve received harmful communications through The Good Registry?

More information

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We endeavour to check our messages every day of the working week, however please be patient with us — we’re a small and efficient team so we don’t have a call centre managing incoming calls (maybe one day!).

For media enquiries, please contact us.

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What is #GiveSimply?

How do I #GiveSimply?

What's the deal with payments, receipting and fees for #GiveSimply?

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