We champion more simplicity and kindness, and less waste

Here are some good stories we've appeared in, or been inspired by about good gifts, kindness, sustainability and impact. 

The Good Registry


Our Team

  • Christine Langdon joined the kōrero on the Creative Welly podcast - Courageous Conversations with Bold Humans
  • Christine Langdon spoke with Jemma Ross on the Spinach TV podcast about generosity, gratitude and The Good Registry's story (July 2023)
  • Christine Langdon joined a conversation with Creative Welly - 'Creative Conversations with Bold Humans' (June 2023)
  • Christine Langdon was interviewed about how gift giving can be more purposeful and good on The Purpose Effect podcast. (November 2022)
  • Tracey Bridges was interviewed by Newsroom NZ about making the switch from a corporate career to social impact - something lots of NZers are considering right now! (April 2022)
  • Our Chief of Good Christine Langdon was asked to share what she loves about Wellington with The Dominion Post. A big part of her answer: it's so brimming with goodness :) (March 2022)
  • Christine spoke with Kathryn Ryan on Radio New Zealand's Nine to Noon about the intersect between Christmas, kindness and conscious consumerism. (December 2020)
  • The Wellington Hustle Interview Project spoke with our Chief of Good Christine about creating good change in the world - and the joy of gifting the power to do good. (March 2020)  
  • New Zealand's Weddings website had a chat with us about how couples can use their weddings to create some good karma :-) (May 2018
  • Our co-founder Christine Langdon spoke with Jesse Mulligan on Radio NZ about #GivingTuesday, how and why we get more joy from giving than getting, and the simple ways we can give (November 2018)


  • Our co-founder Tracey Bridges talks about using your power for good (and why you probably have more power than you know!) on the Beyond Consultation podcast. (June 2022)
  • Tim Jones 'The Grow Good Guy' chatted with our co-founder and Chief of Good Christine Langdon about purpose fuelled living and giving. You can watch the video or listen to the podcast. (May 2021)
  • Christine spoke with The Spinoff's Business is Boring Podcast, about how doing business and doing good is far from boring! (January 2021)
  • The Conscious Action podcast interviewed our Chief of Good, Christine, about how to make giving more Good (November 2020)
  • Our co-founder and Chief of Good Christine Langdon spoke with the Smile and Pod podcast about the importance of living on purpose, her experience of leaving 'dream jobs' to follow her heart, and how that led to The Good Registry, and all the Good we are doing. (October 2019)
  •  The Uncomfortable is OK podcast spoke with our Chief of Good Christine Langdon about how we're breaking through discomfort to bring more good and less waste to gift giving, and a bit of her own story (August 2019)
  • The podcast TWICE (Talks with Innovators, Creatives and Enterprisers) chatted with our co-founder and Chief of Good Christine Langdon about how (and why) we are working to change people's giving habits, the challenges we've faced and some stuff we've learned so far. (March 2018)

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