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Buy Good Gift Cards here to give others the gift of giving to their favourite causes. We have 65 causes for them to choose from.

Give the gift of giving with Good Gift Cards


Good Gift Cards are 'the gift of giving'. Your recipient uses their card to donate to any of our charity partners, via our website. No waste. All goodness.


Important stuff before you buy:

  • They're e-cards: They're emailed to you, not posted. You then forward the e-card (whenever you choose), or can print them.
  • Each e-card is a seperate email. 20 cards = 20 emails.
  • FOR BULK ORDERS (eg 20 or more) or denominations not available here, PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] (We can make life extra easy for you).
  • We will email you a donation receipt. Please keep it if you wish to claim a donation tax credit.
  • A fee to help us run this service is deducted from charity payouts after gift cards are redeemed - not added to your transaction. For more info, visit our About Us page or our Frequently Asked Questions.  

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