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How The Good Registry makes wedding gifts easy

Jim and Julie are making gift giving easy for their wedding next year by supporting Project Jonah with a Good Gift Registry.

Julie says she loves the idea that their wedding can support something that reduces the waste that often comes with gifts, while making the gift giving experience easy for guests.

“Just like so many couples nowadays, we have been living together for a couple of years now and don’t need any more ‘stuff’… We feel like we have everything we need and lead pretty happy lives, and that’s something that doesn’t apply to everyone.”

Project Jonah is a cause close to Julie’s heart because she has witnessed the impact first hand.

“I have been to a couple of whale strandings at Golden Bay and it’s just so sad, so that’s a charity I want to support because they help out with the Farewell Spit strandings a lot.”

She recommends The Good Registry as an option for couples who have most things they need and want a way to do good on their wedding day. “We feel like we both have jobs and are doing well, whereas some others in New Zealand and the world may be less fortunate, so I would encourage other couples to go this route and give to those who need the support.”

Also, Julie says that their Good Gift Registry doesn’t have to be the only gift-giving option. Jim and Julie are considering also including the option of a honeymoon fund so that guests can choose between them, or give a little to both.

Thank you Jim and Julie for choosing to do good and support Project Jonah to save more whales - we know Project Jonah appreciate the help to continue doing the work they do!

You can read more about Project Jonah in this blog post.

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