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Meet our Good Sorts: Fran Drager

We have a great team of good sorts helping us at The Good Registry and we’d like you to meet them!

This week we are introducing Fran Drager, a graphic designer who created our brand identity: logo, colours, fonts — everything that makes us visually The Good Registry.

Fran grew up in the UK in Sheffield, and moved here when she was twelve for two years for her Dad’s job, but they ended up staying and now she loves New Zealand too much to move back to the UK. And we are glad she does!

Fran has been a great help to us in creating a cohesive look that portrays the joy we all feel at times of giving. From the original brand creation, to our flyers about The Good Registry and our Good Gift Card designs, Fran has helped us all the way through the process. And she’s always at the end of the phone when we need some brand or marketing support or advice.

She says, “I originally created the brand identity for The Good Registry and figured out how to make it a joyful giving brand. Now I pop in as needed to create bits and pieces of collateral.”

Fran originally studied both graphic design and marketing at university, but decided to go the marketing route once leaving. She worked at L’Oreal for three years and then Z Energy for seven years in their marketing team.

After having her first child, she decided to pursue her other passion, graphic design, starting with pro bono work for our Chief of Good Christine Langdon’s personal blog.

“I was on the edge deciding whether I should try being a graphic designer full time or go back to a marketing role and do design on the side. But creating the brand for Christine’s blog My Kinder Life cemented for me that I should throw myself into graphic design for a while,” she says.

Now Fran owns her own design studio, designfetti, and her first client was The Good Registry.

Fran loves receiving and giving gifts, as long as they mean something and are things that people really want.

“Last birthday my husband really nailed it with gifts… it wasn’t a crazy big gift, but small thoughtful gifts. It’s people showing you that they know you — that you are known and heard and seen — that means the most,” she says.

If Fran were to get a Good Gift Card from The Good Registry for her birthday, she says she would choose to give to Kaibosh.

She says, “it just makes so much sense that they are rehoming all of this food that would otherwise go to waste and giving it to those who need it.”

You can check out the amazing work Kaibosh is doing to help people in the Wellington community, on their website.

Also have a look through the rest of our partner charities — it’s a long list full of awesome people doing good!

If you want to give a gift for good at your next gift giving opportunity, check out our Good Gift Cards and Good Gift Registries.

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