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What matters most to us is the impact we’re having - for the environment, for good causes, and for people. Here’s a taste of that in the words of some of our givers, and some of our charity partners. 

From birthday registry users:

I have enough ‘stuff’ and can buy my own drinks, so I really didn’t need traditional birthday presents, but the registry was an opportunity for those who wanted to make a gesture for my birthday to still do something meaningful. - Kate Richards

My friends felt good about giving to charity, I felt good about giving to charity and it meant that the focus of my lunch was about friendship rather than my opening presents. Result for good! - Kirsty Fyfe

It's brilliant. Very rewarding. You feel that it's making a difference to someone in need. - Deb Wood

It was great to enjoy my birthday without receiving material gifts, and to know the money is going to a good cause. - Amanda Rowe

From wedding registry users:

We had lovely comments from our guests about making donations instead of buying gifts. My time volunteering at NPH had such a big impact on my life, so it was really special to share a bit of our big day with NPH. It was a great way to spread the love a little! - Amanda Thomas 

We were thrilled to find The Good Registry - We didn’t want wedding gifts but knew that some of our guests would want to do something – and this worked out wonderfully. - Leanne Crozier

From Good Gift Card recipients:

It felt good to be able to donate — and to have a gift from Kiwibank that enables us to make a difference to other people and wider New Zealand. I know that every little bit helps.” Mel Brooking, Kiwibank 

Thank you for the awesome Christmas ‘gift’!  The Good Registry donation was a fantastic idea :-). We get so much, and there are so many people and organisations that get so little (and two of my fave charities were in there!) so it was really, really appreciated! Always makes you feel good to gift to someone else – so thank you!  Stuff commercial customer

This concept is just amazing. It is such a good idea and spreads a lot of love around. It also ties in to our values and empowers staff that they can contribute to a cause that is close to their heart, with the support of the company that they work for. So, thanks for this – brings a big smile :-). — Co-operative Bank staff member. 

From Businesses:

The Good Registry offered the perfect gift for our clients. As a responsible investment adviser, it is a gift that matches our company values while not just giving more stuff that ends up cluttering up the house or in a landfill. We had such amazing feedback and it was so rewarding to hear what our clients donated to. Chelsea Traver, Investment Adviser, Evergreen Advice

Over a number of years I’ve used Good Gift Cards as a thank you to staff, and customers.  What I love is that a Good Gift Card is really a four-fold gift.  Firstly I get immense pleasure from giving and the positive feedback I get.  Secondly, the recipient receives the Good Gift Card and feels great to be recognised and thanked.  Thirdly, the recipient gets the pleasure of giving to a charity which has special meaning to them.  And fourthly, the charity they select is the ultimate beneficiary. So if you’re thinking about what to get your staff this Christmas, you can’t go past a Good Registry Good Gift Card for impact!David Cunningham, Chief Squirrel, Squirrel Group

Thanks The Good Registry for making this genius method of giving available to us and our team - it's been overwhelmingly well-received! — Prue Tyler - Director at Shift Advisory Ltd 

When we think about our values at Kiwibank, it felt so right. It was important for us to transition into doing something that was more about how our people could benefit the people of New Zealand because that’s what we do as a business… It’s so good to be giving something where the money stays in the country and makes a real impact for New Zealand, and something that all people can resonate with, as opposed to trying to find a gift that fits all. Erin Quigley, Engagement Specialist, Kiwibank 

Countdown is committed to growing local communities as well as organisations that work across New Zealand to 'do good'.  As such, it made perfect sense to use The Good Registry to offer the people we work with an opportunity to spread cheer last Christmas. — Kiri Hannifin, (former) GM of Corporate Affairs, Quality, Safety and Sustainability, Countdown

We loved the idea of being able to make the gift of a charity (of their choosing) to our clients over the festive season.  Not only did we feel good about it, but so did our clients, and most importantly it actually goes to making the world a better place for all. — Andrew Pascoe, CEO, MarginFuel

From conferences and events

Every presenter who received a Good Gift Card expressed what a fantastic gift it was; so much more personal than a bottle of wine or bunch of flowers could ever be.  Alison McKessar, the Association of Administrative Professionals NZ  

We felt that it was also a good way to give two gifts in one, a gift to the speakers and then a gift to the charities through the speakers.  Kareena Harris, Aotearoa Social Enterprise Forum 

For us, it was about walking the talk on sustainability. The Good Registry gift cards really raised the bar, and I don’t think we’ll ever give anything else! We feel better about giving a totally waste-free gift, and that the recipient gets to control which charities will benefit from it. We used to give a bottle of wine as a gift. ‘Here’s some wine – later, it will still be wine.’ Now we give Good Registry gift cards. ‘Here’s a Good Gift Card – later, it will be environmental education, wildlife conservation, or Alzheimer’s research. It’s your choice.  Jen Olsen, Farming for the Future

We wanted to give our panellists a little thank you gift, but it’s always so difficult as you don’t know their preferences in terms of wine, chocolate etc. We decided to give them Good Gift Cards and they now have the opportunity to support the charity that is close to their heart. - Lena Waizenegger, Auckland University of Technology 

It felt great to give a gift that benefits others... And the ability for the recipient to be able to choose a charity that is meaningful to them personalises the whole experience.  Terri Van Schooten of Verve, for the 2018 Alzheimers NZ conference.

From partner charities:

For fundraising, it’s important to offer choice – as every persons situation is unique and the options need to be right for them. The Good Registry has given us a new way of receiving donations - and a chance to engage with a new group of generous people. Importantly, the process is simple for all. We’ve really benefited from the generosity of the companies and individuals that have chosen to give through Good Gift Cards. Ps, With environmental and sustainability issues a key concern for many, this aspect of reducing the waste from packaging (etc) has been noted by our supporters The Neonatal Trust NZ

For us, as an organisation that relies solely on donations for funding, support like this is simply brilliant. This money will be put to good use helping us to distribute our Step by Step support pack which we aim to get to all New Zealanders newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you from the very grateful — Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition team.

Thank you for generously donating to KidsCan! Your amazing support will help deliver more food, clothing and health & hygiene items to our 742 partner schools, giving Kiwi kids in our own backyard, who would otherwise go without, the hand up they need. Thank you from the whole team at KidsCan – we really appreciate your support! KidsCan

Your donations translate into serious funding and support for a cause that is deeply personal to so many people living here in Aotearoa, New Zealand — the mental health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. With your donations the Mental Health Foundation can create campaigns to help normalise conversations about mental health, so that people are more likely to speak up and seek help when times are tough. — Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand


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