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We're never too young to love Good Gift Cards

After asking for Good Gift Cards instead of gifts for her 7th birthday, Ada says she’d like to do it again, it felt so Good! 

Even though she’s only seven, Ada already knows she has more stuff than she needs.

“I don’t need any more things, because I have heaps, and it’s a disaster putting things away after my birthday.” 

She decided her parents and sister could give her gifts, but asked friends who came to her party to give her Good Gift Cards from The Good Registry instead.

The hardest part for Ada was deciding how to allocate the $60 worth of Good Gift Cards she received — she wished all of the charities on The Good Registry (more than 50) could have some money!

She had fun looking at all of the different charities on The Good Registry with her Mum, and finally decided to spread the love between three charities that care for children (The Neonatal Trust, Garden to Table, Cheeks in Seats) and three that help animals (Project Jonah, the SPCA and the Wellington Zoo Trust).

She says that receiving Good Gift Cards to pay forward to charities instead of gifts felt so good she’d like to do it again.

And Ada’s mum Kathryn says it felt good to her and the other parents too.

“It meant we had low-key gifting, low-key everything! The parents loved the chill feeling and the girls loved doing their own thing without being harassed about party games or prizes. Such a bonus! The whole birthday was relaxed and that meant we could celebrate Ada and not get bogged down by stuff to buy, stuff to do, things to organise. We also had a lot less rubbish the next day too!”

Kathryn also said it was a wonderful way to talk to Ada about charities, the communities they serve and why they are needed.

“We were really proud Ada wanted to give her friends' gifts to people that are working hard to do good around our communities. It was a great solution that she came up; friends gifts for giving, and she still got her special gifts from us.”

Good Gift Cards are a great way to give the gift of good to your friends, family and coworkers and support New Zealand charities. You can buy a Good Gift Card to show someone (young or old!) that you care here, or check out our redemption page to learn about the charities that you can support with Good Gift Cards.

Big thanks to Ada from all of us at The Good Registry, and the six charities she helped with her seventh birthday! 🎉

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