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Good Givers rescue 500 meals for people in need

Wellington food rescue charity Kaibosh have been gifted more than $500 from Good Givers at The Good Registry - causing a “ripple of good” that has potentially helped more than 500 people. 

The team at Wellington marketing agency Five and Dime contributed their Christmas celebrations to a Good Gift Registry for Kaibosh, and another Good Giver, Marc, pledged his 50th birthday to them. They have also received donations with The Good Registry’s Good Gift Cards.

Kaibosh rescues quality surplus food in the Wellington community that would otherwise be thrown out from supermarkets, factories, logistic companies and weekend markets. They then redistribute the food to help those who need it. 

Christel Price of Kaibosh says the people who have contributed through The Good Registry have caused a large ripple of good, reaching more than 500 people.

“The money we've received through The Good Registry has provided more than 500 meals worth of healthy nutritious food to people in need in the Wellington region. The donations have helped us keep our Kaibosh trucks on the road seven days a week, collecting quality surplus food that would otherwise be needlessly discarded, making sure it reaches those in our community who need it most.”

“We're so grateful to Five and Dime for donating their Christmas to Kaibosh, and Marc for giving his 50th birthday. As well as all those who have redeemed gift cards for us. It's awesome that people have chosen to help us rescue and redistribute food to people in need, instead of receiving physical gifts,” Christel says.

“It's only because of the generosity of others that we're able to reduce food waste and food poverty in the Wellington region and we're thankful to all those who support us through The Good Registry.”

The Good Registry is proud to support the work of Kaibosh, and you can be too! You can support Kaibosh and other charities by buying Good Gift Cards to give as gifts, or by pledging a special event such as your birthday with a Good Gift Registry. 

Find out more about the wonderful work Kaibosh does on their website.

*Photo credit: Pat Shepherd of the One Percent Collective. (with our thanks!)

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