Why Good Gift Cards?

Every giving opportunity is an opportunity to share the joy and goodness. And there's no better way to do that than with our Good Gift Cards. Here's why we reckon our Good Gift Cards are one of the best gifts money can buy...

For gift givers:

  • They're simple to buy and simple to send. It's all done online. (You can buy them here). 
  • You decide how much you want to spend, and let your recipient decide how  to spend it. We have more than 50 charities recipients can chose from.
  • Your gift-spend helps good causes, and does not create waste. 
  • Your donation is probably eligible for a tax credit. You can find out more about that here
  • You can give Good Gift Cards for any event.
  • Choose different gift card styles for different events. 
  • Get a kick out of giving simply and doing good. And enabling your gift recipient to do the same!

 For gift recipients:

  • Your Good Gift Voucher is simple to redeem, as a donation to a cause you care about. It's the gift that keeps giving!
  • You choose the charity or charities that you want your gift card to support - with a choice of more than 50 charities right here.
  • You can spend your gift voucher all with one charity, or split it between two or more. 
  • Spend it all at once, or come back another time. We'll keep count.
  • Redeeming is super simple - it's all done online here
  • Enjoy the gift of less stuff, more goodness! 

 For businesses:

Our Good Gift Cards are perfect for corporate giving. If you're a business (or you work for one!), check out our downloadable information sheet.  

 Let’s share the gift of giving and change the world. 




Join our community of good sorts spreading goodness like confetti!