Give to whole communities with Good Gift Cards

Good Gift Cards are the gifts that give to whole communities, without any waste.


  • They're electronic and delivered to you instantly
  • Buy them here to have them delivered to your inbox straight away
  • Buyers decide how much to donate and recipients decide who to donate to - just one favourite cause or to many. We have 65 charities to choose from.
  • Gift card purchases may be eligible for a 33% tax credit. You can find out more about that on the IRD website.  
  • Every gift is good for people and for the planet :)

More information:

  • Our Good Gift Cards are perfect for corporate or workplace giving. To find our why, check out our corporate giving page.  
  • To help cover our costs, we have a service fee of 10%. This is deducted after donations are made, not added to your transaction. It covers third party transaction charges and our IT, operations and marketing costs. For more information, please visit our About Us page or our Frequently Asked Questions.   
  • Email us if you'd like help buying or redeeming Good Gift Cards: Contact us We're very happy to help :)

Let’s create more good and less waste together




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