on Jul 19, 18

Meet our good sorts

We have a great team of Good Sorts helping us at The Good Registry, so we’d like you to meet them!

This week we’re introducing Kate Nickelchok, the community manager of the Market Lane BizDojo co-working space, where The Good Registry is privileged to have a sponsored spot.

Kate is originally from Canada, but she lived in eight different countries before working her way down to settle in Wellington. We are very grateful that she settled here, as she is such a fun and passionate member of the BizDojo community.

“My role as Community Manager is really fun and dynamic — it is all the stuff you need to get done to allow the amazing businesses, tech, creative and social enterprises thrive while they’re here.”

Kate says she loves The Good Registry because “It helps spread the overall generosity on the planet,” and she often uses The Good Registry herself.

Kate and BizDojo help The Good Registry by providing a workspace for our Chief of Good, Christine Langdon, to work from. They have given us a sponsored spot, meaning that we get to work out of the BizDojo and use their facilities at no cost.

Kate says, “Sponsored residences have huge return for the community because not only do we believe in what you do and want to support you with free office space and the connections we can provide, but we actually get all that back in droves with energy, friendliness, enthusiasm and the participation of people like Christine in this space.”

Kate wants to see The Good Registry being a successful enterprise because she believes it allows anyone, from individuals to large corporations, to access giving and connect with charities in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Kate’s favourite charity registered through The Good Registry is Sexual Abuse HELP, an organisation that supports survivors of sexual violence and works to stop sexual violence from happening. She says “It’s a vital thing to have well-funded and well-supported in each city.”

We are so thankful for Kate’s drive, passion and commitment to the BizDojo community!

You can join Kate to help reduce wasteful giving, and support HELP and other New Zealand charities, with our Good Gift Cards and Good Gift Registries.

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