Put the ❤️ into your wedding gifts

about good wedding registries
 We reckon weddings are about love and goodness.
If you don't need or want gifts for your wedding, we help you and your guests share the love and goodness with others who are in need. Instead of gifts, your guests can give donations to a charity that you choose. 
If you’re celebrating your wedding, it’s simple to create a registry and choose a charity you care about for your guests to give to. You’ll have a unique link to your registry page to share with your friends and family.  And choosing donations over gifts doesn’t have to be all or nothing: You can ask guests solely for donations through your registry, or give guests the choice between donating through The Good Registry and buying other gifts you’d love, or cash gifts to you. 
For friends and family, it’s simple to find a registry that has been created. If the couple don’t have a registry with us, you could still give the gift of goodness by buying them a Good Gift Card

Let’s share the love to change the world. 

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Find out more about how you can use The Good Registry for your wedding at New Zealand's Weddings website

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