on Jul 13, 18

Meet our Good Sorts

We have a great team of Good Sorts helping us at The Good Registry, so we’d like you to meet them!

This week we're introducing Emma Rzepecky, our new intern whose big focus is building the number of wedding registries we have at The Good Registry. She is in her final year of a Bachelor of Communication at Massey University in Wellington, with a major in public relations and a minor in expressive arts. 

Emma is originally from Auckland, but moved down to Wellington for university and has no plans to leave. She said, “I fell in love with the coolest little windy capital” and she wants to ultimately get a job and live here as a young professional after university.

Emma is with us one day a week working on ways to interact with the wedding market as well as helping with writing blog posts and social media. 

Emma says she chose The Good Registry for her internship because she wants to use her public relations skills for good.

“Public relations is often seen as a profession with dubious morals, but I think that it can be and is used for good, to get peoples’ honest voices out into the public. I chose The Good Registry because it is a social enterprise helping charities help New Zealanders, while limiting wasteful gift giving, which is right up my alley. It means I can help a good cause with my public relations skills. Everyone gets gifts they don’t want or need, and I believe that The Good Registry can change that!”

“I have only just begun working for The Good Registry, but I have already learnt a lot. I have been working within the wedding demographic so have been doing some research around that. I found out there are more than 20,000 weddings per year, which is amazing and a great encouragement for The Good Registry to aim to get more weddings registered and involved,” she says.

Emma loves to give gifts and tailor them specifically to each person. But her favourite part of gift giving occasions is the card. She says “every time I give a gift to someone I care about, I make them a card. I’m not the most creative person or best at art, but I always think extra time put into something as simple as the card speaks volumes about your care for the person you are giving to.”

She believes that all of the charities on The Good Registry are amazing and support awesome causes, but her favourite is Bellyful New Zealand. Bellyful volunteers cook and deliver meals to families with newborn babies or young children struggling with illnesses. This gives them some support to have a break from cooking for themselves and reminds them that there are people who care.

We think the future of PR is in great hands with people like Emma in the world! 

You can join Emma to help reduce wasteful giving, and support Bellyful and other New Zealand charities, with our Good Gift Cards and Good Gift Registries.

And if you have any thoughts or questions about registering a wedding at The Good Registry, email us at [email protected]  

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