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Hand on Heart the best gift ever!

“Giving Good Registry cards was like handing people our hearts.”

The annual Farming for the Future seminar is all about sustainability so this year they say they ‘walked the talk’ and gave their speakers Good Gift Cards from The Good Registry instead of more typical ‘thank you’ gifts like wine.

Organising team spokesperson Jen Olson says they couldn’t have found a better gift to align with their hearts and their values.

“After a day-long event about doing good, giving Good Registry cards was like handing people our hearts,” Jen said. (Nice!)

“For us, it was about walking the talk on sustainability. The Good Registry gift cards really raised the bar, and I don’t think we’ll ever give anything else! We feel better about giving a totally waste-free gift, and that the recipient gets to control which charities will benefit from it. We used to give a bottle of wine as a gift. ‘Here’s some wine – later, it will still be wine.’ Now we give Good Registry gift cards. ‘Here’s a Good Gift Card – later, it will be environmental education, wildlife conservation, or Alzheimer’s research. It’s your choice.’

Jen said she’d received a Good Gift Card for her birthday and thought it was “the best gift ever”.

“When I suggested The Good Registry gift cards to the organising team, they agreed it was perfect – a gift that is waste-free, sustainable, and helps charities? Hello!”

Jen said the organising team all come from biodiversity, farming, and environmental backgrounds. They are all about sustainability and helping each other and event attendees to make the farming world more environmentally awesome. This year the event conversations included drastically improving freshwater quality, organic farming, ways to address climate change on farms, and low impact gate-to-plate dairy innovation. 

“The Good Registry gift cards tick all our values boxes – low environmental impacts, helping others do good things, making conscious choices,” she said.

Farming for the Future is an annual, one-day sustainable farming seminar held in the Wairarapa. It is organised by volunteers from the South Wairarapa Biodiversity Group, the Mangaterere Stream Restoration Society, and Perception Planning.

The SWBG and MSRS started Farming for the Future in 2014 because there wasn’t a forum for farmers, biodiversity groups, and other organisations to have honest and robust environmental discussions. People have been coming along every year since to share ideas about how to be more sustainable, reduce their environmental footprints, and farm more sustainably. 

Around 150 people attended the seminar this year. Attendees and speakers were farmers, farm industry/innovators, iwi, scientists, environmental groups, economists, students, and councils.

The event is 100% sponsor funded - it’s part of a chain of goodness :-). (So let’s give a shout out to their sponsors too: https://www.farmingforthefuture.org.nz/sponsors.html)


The Farming for the Future team

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