on Feb 04, 19

A gift with verve

Good Gift Cards are becoming a popular choice for speakers’ gifts at Kiwi conferences and events — giving speakers the joy of supporting causes they care about, instead of traditional gifts like books or wine.

The team at Verve — a creative agency that specialises in developing events and live experiences — experienced the joy of giving recently when they organised the 2018 Alzheimers NZ conference, Tackling Dementia: It’s everybody’s business.

Verve founder and director Terri van Schooten says they gave Good Gift Cards to the conference’s 11 guest speakers, and they were a hit.

“It felt great to give a gift that benefits others,” Terri said.  “And the ability for the recipient to be able to choose a charity that is meaningful to them personalises the whole experience.”

Verve’s go-to gifts for speakers have traditionally been locally produced items like art or books. They gave Good Gift Cards for the Alzheimers NZ conference because Alzheimers NZ is a partner charity of The Good Registry and it seemed right to give their speakers the opportunity to support a charity of their choice. 

“There will always be situations where a traditional gift is appropriate but having the Good Gift Card as an option broadens our options,” Terri said.

To event organisers who are tossing up between giving a traditional gift and a Good Gift Card, she’d say, “Definitely give a Good Gift Card! There are a huge number of charities to gift to, and everybody gets the benefit of paying it forward.”

About The Good Registry

The Good Registry is a social giving platform where anyone from small kids to big corporates can give the gift of giving with charitable donations instead of unwanted gifts.

The Good Registry isn’t anti-gifts — we’re just helping to make giving more simple, sustainable and kind.

We have created two simple ways to give through our website:

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