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6 ways businesses can help following Cyclone Gabrielle

We've seen so many wonderful businesses supporting New Zealanders impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle this week - it's been an incredible show of community spirit.

We know many more are still looking for ways to help. If that's you - here are some ideas:

  1. Support your people: Even for businesses outside of the affected areas, many of your people will have been impacted, will be worried about friends and family, and struggling with the emotions of so much tragedy. Offer support to your people. Create open spaces to talk. Ease the deadlines. Allow down time / time off for mental wellbeing.

  2. Donations: Support immediate relief efforts and the long-term recovery and rebuilding by donating to charities involved in the response and recovery. Some of The Good Registry's charity partners that are helping people and animals that have been impacted by the cyclone include Salvation Army, St John Ambulance, Auckland City MIssion, Lifeline, Mental Health Foundation, Age Concern, SPCA and Birdcare AotearoaThere are many other charities to amazing work too. Support the charities that resonate for you and your people, and that are working hard to help those most in need

  3. Volunteer time and resources: Give in-kind donations such as supplies, equipment, and services that can assist relief and recovery efforts. Encourage and support employees to volunteer their time and skills to help with cleanup and recovery efforts in affected communities too.

  4. Provide food and shelter: Businesses such as restaurants, hotels, motels, and grocery stores can help by offering free meals, accommodation, or other necessities to people who have been displaced, or who need food and hygiene products.

  5. Support local businesses: Many local businesses, particularly in tourism and hospitality have lost significant trade or have been unable to operate due to damage or power outages. Businesses can support these small businesses by purchasing their goods and services (eg give vouchers to staff or clients to support local business through SOS Business) or help with repairs and rebuilding, and specialist skills.

  6. Fundraising: Organise workplace fundraising events or campaigns to raise money for relief efforts. This could include partnering with other organisations, hosting charity events, or donating a portion of profits to relief efforts in coming months.

Ultimately, the most effective way for businesses to provide support always depends on the specific needs in affected areas - Work with local authorities, disaster response organisations and charities to understand local needs, and respond in ways that are effective and meaningful.

If you would like to support charities by donating through The Good Registry, you can donate to any of our 65 charity partners on one page. Or create a registry for an upcoming event or a chosen charity, and ask friends, family, team-mates and clients to donate.  

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