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Wellington Free Ambulance


Wellington Free Ambulance is the only paramedic service for Greater Wellington and Wairarapa and the only free ambulance service in the country. It provides trained paramedics on the road and in homes, and operates the central 111 communications centre from its headquarters in Thorndon.  

Your support will help Wellington Free Ambulance to be there for everyone who needs them.

The difference your gift could make:

$15 could pay for one roll of paper for a cardiac monitor;

$25 could pay for an oxygen mask – vital for surviving cardiac arrest;

$30 could buy 16 blankets;

$40 could buy 40 bandages;

$50 could buy a box of 50 infection control masks;

$60 could pay for a set of children’s pads for a defibrillator;

$100 could pay for a heated mattress for babies

Wellington Free Ambulance

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