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Sustainable Coastlines


Sustainable Coastlines exists to bring people together to reduce plastic pollution and other litter to protect the moana we all love.

Their goal is to see 60% less litter on the coastlines of Aotearoa by 2030. They intend to achieve that through empowering communities to take action for their local beach through coastal clean-up events, educational programmes, public awareness campaigns, and litter data collection.

They make this litter data available for anyone to use, and work with businesses, councils, and government to inspire change in behaviour, policy, and practices.

The difference your donation could make:

$25 could help to build a Litter Intelligence kit, enabling a citizen scientist group to monitor their local beach;

$40 could remove a shopping trolley full of litter (120 litres) from Aotearoa coastlines, protecting our marine life and keeping our beaches beautiful;

$100 could educate six school children on the plastic pollution problem and what can be done about it.



Sustainable Coastlines

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