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Diabetes Youth Auckland


Diabetes can affect anyone, even kids.  Kids most often have type 1 diabetes which has no prevention and no cure.

Kids with type 1 diabetes need to check their blood sugars frequently during the day and sometimes at night too. They need to have insulin injections multiple times a day to cover each time they eat food.

Type 1 Diabetes is relentless and unpredictable, it affects the child and their whole family. 

Your gift supports the Diabetes Youth Auckland Live Brave Mana Ora Programme. Our aim is to build confidence and independence and provide inspiration for youth and their families.

Diabetes Youth Auckland provides specialist education, information and support to help children and their families to thrive.

Your gift helps a child with diabetes to live a full and active life, it enables them to take part in activities that they might not otherwise be able to do, and it also supports their family who are their main caregivers. 

A $30 donation pays for a child to learn how to better their diabetes management while having fun with each other for a day.

Thank you for supporting our kids who are living every day brave!


Diabetes Youth Auckland

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