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ChildFund New Zealand


Helping children be safe, healthy, educated, and heard is why we exist!
ChildFund is an international NGO working through community development to help communities in remote, poverty impacted, and environmentally challenged areas to become self-sufficient in providing the basics their children need to thrive.
We do this by working through local partners to deliver projects that achieve the goals the community wants around water, sanitation, education, health, child protection, and livelihoods.

Here's the difference your gift could make: 

- $5 can go toward ChildFund's most urgent projects.

- $10 can provide a hygiene kit for a teenage girl.

- $25 can provide essential supplies like soap, a torch and hygiene items during an emergency.

- $50 can help a youth enrol into a learning programme in the Pacific, providing skills around reading, writing and maths

- $100 can help communities to access clean and safe water.


ChildFund New Zealand

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