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Auckland City Mission


Auckland City Mission responds everyday to poverty and great need.

People come to Auckland City Mission when they need access to permanent and sustained housing, enough nutritious food to eat, and when their physical and mental health is compromised.

Some people access the Mission’s services to help them through a short and difficult time in their life. Others need a sustained and long-term plan for support.

The Mission offers support for however long and in whatever way needed – for some people that’s simply accessing one of their many services, for others that’s a complex journey with their full support.

The Mission's services have evolved as the city’s social needs have done. They respond to these needs with care and compassion while advocating for a reality where there are enough suitable homes, enough money for nutritious food and easily accessible health care for all.

Since their doors opened more than 100 years ago, this has been the Mission's ‘why’.

 "Together we must, together we can, together we will."

The difference your gift could make:

  • Spread the Warmth $12 - Gift a warm and nutritious meal at Haeata, the Mission's community dining room.
  • Support the Mission's Food Parcel Initiative: Contribute to Essential Supplies $25 - Contributes to essentials to help fill a food parcel packed with nutritious ingredients and other household items.
  • Help Feed those in Greatest Need $60 - Provide five nourishing meals for people experiencing homelessness or in a crisis.
  • Make a Difference $138 - Gift a complete food and hygiene parcel to support a family in need
  • Empower Hope $414 - Food parcels to sustain 3 families of four, for four days


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