Putting the ❤️ back into corporate giving

The Good Registry is where your corporate giving can be more simple, sustainable, and kind.

With Good Gift Cards, you're giving a no waste gift, that helps people and the planet. You make the donation, and your recipients choose the charities they wish to support - from our 65 charity partners

Here's why our Good Gift Cards are the best gift you'll ever give...

For you:

  • Your gift-spend helps good causes, and creates no waste. No packaging, no wrapping, no plastic, no pollution, no landfill.
  • They're simple to buy. To put in a corporate order, simply  call or email us  and we'll talk with you about your needs.
  • They're simple to send. Let us know if you wish to send them by email or by post, and we'll work with you to make that happen. You can use your own design template or ours.
  • Your recipients will love you for it. Read this absolutely heartwarming feedback from staff at The Co-operative Bank who received Good Gift Cards for Christmas. Or this blog from Kiwibank. 
  • You'll feel jolly good too. Read this blog from Farming for the Future, who said they couldn't have found a better gift to align with their hearts and their values.
  • If cards aren't redeemed, the funds still help good causes. Our Trust regularly allocates unredeemed gift card funds to our partner charities. 
  • Your donation is probably eligible for a donation tax credit. You can find out more about that on the IRD website

 For your gift recipients:

  • They're able to support causes THEY care about. We have 60+ charity partners they can choose from.
  • They can give their donation to one favourite charity or divide it among many.
  • Redeeming their Good Gift Card is super simple - it's all done online on our 'redeem gift cards page'
  • Research shows we get more joy from giving than receiving, and they'll have the joy of less clutter and waste too. 

    From our users:

    I got 40 emails from staff, very emotional emails saying thank you and how wonderful it was and what a great representation it was of who we are as a brand to give individuals the opportunity to give to a charity that mattered to them. It made us all feel so good.— David Cunningham, CEO, The Co-operative Bank

    It’s so good to be giving something where the money stays in the country and makes a real impact for New Zealand, and something that all people can resonate with, as opposed to trying to find a gift that fits all. — Erin Quigley, Engagement Specialist, Kiwibank 

    Countdown is committed to growing local communities as well as organisations that work across New Zealand to 'do good'.  As such, it made perfect sense to use The Good Registry to offer the people we work with an opportunity to spread cheer last Christmas. — Kiri Hannifin, GM of Corporate Affairs, Quality, Safety and Sustainability, Countdown  

    We loved the idea of being able to make the gift of a charity (of their choosing) to our clients over the festive season.  Not only did we feel good about it, but so did our clients, and most importantly it actually goes to making the world a better place for all. — Andrew Pascoe, CEO, MarginFuel  

    Every presenter who received a Good Gift Card expressed what a fantastic gift it was; so much more personal than a bottle of wine or bunch of flowers could ever be. — Alison McKessar, the Association of Administrative Professionals NZ


    More information:

    • If you need information about our Good Gift Cards to print out and share with your colleagues, check out our downloadable information sheet.  
    • If you’re not looking for corporate gifts at the moment but would like to buy one or two Good Gift Cards for friends, family, or Secret Santa, you can do that on this page.
    • You'll find more inspiring stories from our users and recipients in the videos on our giving wall .
    • We’ve created a flier/poster that you could pop on tables or walls around your offices, to encourage others to also give the gift of giving to their friends, family and colleagues this Christmas. It’s a great way to reinforce the good that we can all do with less stuff and more kindness. If you’d like to print copies to share, you can download it from here. 

    • To help cover our costs, we have a service fee of 10%. This is deducted after donations are made, not added to your transaction. It covers third party transaction charges and our IT, operations and marketing costs. For information about the fee, please visit our  About Us  page or our  Frequently Asked Questions.   


    We would love to do Good with you. Please call or email us to get your Good giving started. 




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