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Imagine a world where all children accessed safe water and sanitation

ChildFund believes in a world where every child, everywhere can access clean, safe drinking water and sanitation. A world where potentially fatal waterborne diseases are not a risk for children, but the chance of a healthy and bright future is high.

Clean, safe drinking water and sanitation truly mean life but sadly for so many children around the world these basics are an everyday struggle to access.

ChildFund works with communities in the Pacific, Africa, and Asia to access clean, safe water, along with better sanitation and hygiene. A local water point means vulnerable children are less at risk as they are not walking long distances to collect water, while accessing water from a known safe source helps to prevent waterborne diseases.

Sadly, Kiribati has the highest infant mortality rates in the Pacific largely linked to its unsafe drinking water and that is why helping families to access better water and sanitation is a focus for the local ChildFund team. 

In Betio, which is the largest town in Kiribati’s capital Tarawa, the ChildFund Kiribati team are installing solar water distillation units along with visiting households spreading awareness on the importance of safe drinking water and sanitation, along with distributing kits containing water containers safe storage, soap, and hygiene items. The team are also distributing the distillation units and kits in the outer islands.

Emali in Kenya is a semi-arid area where ChildFund works with rural communities, where piped water is unavailable and there are seasonal rivers, to install waterpoints and pipeline extensions from a borehole, like a recent one at Mwanyani providing 2,700 people in over 500 households, along with 900 students at a nearby primary and secondary school.

Between October 2021 and August 2023, generous supporters of The Good Registry have donated $8,562 to ChildFund’s work helping children and their communities.

ChildFund is appealing to New Zealanders to support its projects helping children to access safe, clean drinking water and sanitation.

A donation of $60 can help to provide a handwashing station for preschool children in Kiribati so children can wash their hands and be healthier, while $75 could help a family to access a clean, safe water supply.

You can support them here at The Good Registry by creating a registry for them for a birthday, or donating to them with our Good Gift Cards. You can also simply donate to them on their profile page at The Good Registry.

You can also learn more about ChildFund and ways to support them at www.childfund.org.nz

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