on Jul 27, 22

You can now gift to Autism New Zealand!

By Emily Cato-Symonds - The Good Registry is excited to announce that our newest charity partner is Autism New Zealand!

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition affecting about 93,000 New Zealanders - that's a lot of people, so we think it’s important that our givers can support a charity that's there for this community. 

In the past, we had a partnership with Children’s Autism Foundation, which integrated last year with Autism New Zealand. This integration is great because it allows for a single point of contact, making it easy for autistic people and the wider autism community to access support and assistance.

Autism New Zealand provides services, support and education on autism to autistic people as well as their whānau and people who make up their support network. 

A committed education team at Autism New Zealand offers education and training throughout the entire country. Autism New Zealand provides a variety of evidence-based, specialised courses that give useful techniques, resources, and knowledge to manage autism successfully for the greatest results in order to enlighten others about autism.

They are also looking into the education needs of children transitioning from primary school to secondary school and then potentially onto further areas of study or employment.

Employer education needs are another major area that Autism New Zealand is looking into in order for autistic employees to feel supported by their employers. 

They also promote inclusive behaviours in our society by advocating for autistic individuals through submissions on important legislation, comments on government policies relating to autism, and autism awareness campaigns. 

We all deserve to feel accepted, and Autism New Zealand strives to empower the autism community while educating the public to ensure everyone is included. It is important to us that our charities reflect the needs of kiwis and Autism New Zealand does just that! 

You can find out more about Autism New Zealand on their website.

And you (and friends and family) can now donate to them with The Good Registry’s gift cards, or create a registry for them (for example if you have a birthday coming up) and ask your whānau to donate on your special day.

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