on Oct 19, 22

Why give ethical and sustainable gifts?

Kiwis are becoming more conscious consumers. And that's flowing through into how we think about gifts. 

53% of people say they prefer receiving gifts that are ethical and sustainable - one of the positive stats from a recent survey by The Good Registry, which reinforces the shift towards more sustainable consumption and gift choices. 

Another interesting result: 55% of the 220 respondents said they have everything they need and don't want more stuff. 

So with Christmas coming up and lots of whānau and businesses starting to think about what to give, where does that lead us? 

Here are some ideas:

- Give experiences instead of stuff 

- Give pre-loved, recycled and upcycled - Check out places like The ReCreators, Chooza and Trade Me

- Give locally made, sustainably packaged everyday items and consumables - You can find these at places like We Love Local and Ethique.

And you can give charity donation gifts - Like The Good Registry’s Good Gift Cards, where every gift card recipient can donate to charities of their choice.

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