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Who are our 65 New Zealand charity partners?

The Good Registry has 65 awesome charity partners. They’re all Kiwi charities, they’re all having a positive impact in our communities, and they all need the support from our givers.

Our charities include those protecting and restoring our natural taonga and protecting the wildlife in Aotearoa (like Trees that Count, Jane Goodall Institute NZ, Project Jonah, and Sustainable Coastlines).

We have charities that protect our furry and feathered friends (like the SPCA, BirdCare Aotearoa and Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming).

And charities that are there for some of our most vulnerable New Zealanders (like the Salvation Army, Pillars Ka Pou Whakahou, and the Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch City Missions).

They’re there for our elderly (like Age Concern and Alzheimers NZ).

And for our children (like Variety, Camp Quality, Garden to Table, Heart Kids and ChildFund).

We have lots of charities that help people and families going through challenging times (like The Little Miracles Trust, Bellyful, Perinatal Anxiety and Depression, Skylight, and Good Bitches Baking).

And charities that champion and enable inclusion (like Refugees as Survivors NZ,  InsideOUT and RainbowYOUTH)

We have charities that come to the rescue when we truly need it (like Wellington Free Ambulance and St John and Wellington & Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP).

And we have lots of charities that are there to support Kiwis living with chronic and terminal illnesses (like Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition, Bowel Cancer NZ, MND New Zealand, and Diabetes NZ).

And that is just a taste! There are so many more that your donations can help. We encourage you to go check them out on our charities page. 

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