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What's the most common birth date in Aotearoa?

By Emily Cato-Symonds - 

This is such a crazy time of year for people with birthdays! In Aotearoa, the most common birthday is the 29th of September.. No wonder it feels so busy!

Wonder why this is? An average full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks and this date is 40 weeks and one day after Christmas. So the answer is that summer puts a lot of people in a good mood… ;)

The 10 most common birthdays in Aotearoa are all between September 22 and October 4 - that’s a lot of birthdays and a lot of gifts in a very short time!

Around this time we can find ourselves panic buying - and sometimes wonder if people really needed our gifts or if they will use them. Trust us - we know the feeling.

That’s why we came up with our electronic Good Gift Cards. They’re waste free, are delivered instantly, and do so much good for our community. Your special person chooses to support the causes they care about, making it the gift that keeps on giving.

We are proud to partner with 65 incredible Kiwi charities, who all benefit through donations from our Good Gift Cards.

And we are super grateful to have all you amazing people supporting us and our charity partners through this busy but brilliant birthday time!

If you’d like to see how common your birthday is, check out the Stats NZ birthday chart here.

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