on Nov 10, 22

What happens to unredeemed gift cards at The Good Registry?

By Christine Langdon - Every month millions of dollars of gift cards are given across Aotearoa - and many of those never get redeemed.

They’re saved for ‘a rainy day’ or for ‘just the right thing’ and the rainy day or that right thing never come.

Instead, those gift cards become ‘breakage’ - a profit margin windfall for the corporates that issue them. Money for nothing, you could say.

The Good Registry is breaking new ground on gift card breakage. We don’t keep the money from unredeemed gift cards.

Our Good Gift Cards are designed to support Kiwi charities - our 65 charity partners - so that’s where the money goes whether Good Gift Cards are redeemed or not.

If your recipient doesn’t redeem the Good Gift Card that you give them - it’s all good. The Good Registry Trust passes funds from unredeemed gift cards on to charities on your behalf.

The important thing is that the money you’ve spent will always do what you intended - help Kiwi charities to keep making a positive impact in communities right across Aotearoa.

A side note - if you’re a business using The Good Registry’s gift cards for staff or client gifts, you could decide where the funds from your unredeemed gift cards go. Get in touch if that’s something you’d like to talk with us about.

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