on Sep 05, 19

What do you give people who epitomise generosity and kindness?

The annual Pivot Conference is Volunteering New Zealand’s key sector development initiative — for the people whose jobs are all about working with volunteers. 

The people who attend and speak at it are people who care about their communities — so what better gift for conference speakers than the gift of giving to causes they care about!

Volunteering New Zealand gave Good Gift Cards from The Good Registry as thank you gifts to all of the speakers at their last Pivot Conference.

VNZ marketing and communications advisor Sarah Macdonald said speakers came from all over Aotearoa, and around the world, so it was important to meaningfully acknowledge their contribution.

“It’s difficult to find the ‘perfect gift’ when you think about traditional gifts to give. It’s very easy to buy chocolates/ souvenirs, but these options didn’t quite click with us as they didn’t reflect how valued the speakers were to us. These speakers epitomise generosity and kindness and we really wanted to give them a gift to celebrate that,” Sarah said. (Nice!)

“We were delighted to discover The Good Gift Cards! They were a brilliant way for us to give something of value, something unique, and something which we knew our speakers would really connect with.”

“Plus we love that the gift cards are environmentally friendly too — no wasteful packaging. We would highly recommend these gift cards for people organising conference gifts!”

Sarah said speakers were thrilled to receive the Good Gift Cards. 

“Some of the speakers hadn’t heard of The Good Registry before, as they were from overseas, so it was lovely for us to explain about such a GOOD New Zealand giving initiative. Receiving a unique gift is always really special.”

About Pivot

Pivot empowers delegates to meaningfully lead, advocate for, and develop volunteers and volunteerism in Aotearoa New Zealand. Pivot is also a wonderful opportunity to connect with peers, and to share and learn together.

Delegates are predominantly leaders and managers of volunteers, people who work at Volunteer Centres and Volunteer Involving Organisations.

Pivot 2019 is coming up! 15–17 October in Wellington. Learn more here.


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