on Jul 22, 23

Welcome to Yiwen!

Kia Ora, I'm Yiwen, a new intern at The Good Registry.

I will be spending the next 17 weeks with The Good Registry brainstorming, using media formats such as social media and vlogs, gaining communication hands-on experience, and sharing different charities and new ways to show love. 

I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Communication at Massey University in Wellington, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Media Studies. I hope that by studying in different fields of work, I can become a more professional person.

I originally come from Shanghai, China; my family members are straightforward, just my parents and me. This year is my 8th year in New Zealand. In 2016, when I was 15 years old, I came to Wellington alone as an international student and started my high school life at Chilton Saint James School. In 2020, I moved to Auckland to complete my Year 13 study, which I could not complete in Wellington due to personal reasons. But I finally chose the Wellington campus of Massey University in 2021. I still live with my homestay family from high school, but the difference is that there are two landlords and two younger brothers in this family. We all like small animals. There are 5 hens and a rabbit in the garden at home. We also adopted two Border Terriers named Grub and Dash in 2017 and 2019 respectively. I will also share our stories with you later in my internship vlog.

During the Covid-19 pandemic from 2021 to 2022, due to the closed borders, I could not return to the New Zealand campus to study, so I could only complete my studies offshore. During this period, I worked part-time at GU, a subsidiary of Fast Retailing Group, which is a sister brand to Uniqlo. I learned a lot about relationships and helped with environmental sustainability by recycling old clothes. During the closure of Shanghai in 2022, I also served as a volunteer in the community to help distribute materials to reduce the overflow of community garbage stations caused by the excessive accumulation of foam boxes in every household.

I am a person who likes to shop and pass on my love by buying various gifts. These gifts usually have complicated packaging, which is not friendly to the environment. But I do want to change up my gift-giving through other channels, and when I heard about The Good Registry, I immediately chose to be an intern with them. I want to support everything that has to do with the environment and the people, not just the way I buy gifts, but the impact of many people's actions on the environment. 

Because I was born in a different cultural environment, I was very interested in The Good Registry's way of using gift cards at the beginning, and I really like how The Good Registry can reduce mass consumption and unnecessary waste in this way. 

Before learning about The Good Registry, I wasn't sure how to reduce unnecessary gift consumption. Now I am looking forward to learning more through my internship and sharing that knowledge to help eliminate some of the unnecessary waste of gifts.

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