on Jul 13, 21

Welcome to our new intern!

This week we welcome our newest intern Courtney into The Good Registry’s team. Over the next 14 weeks Courtney will be joining in on our social media content, sharing her perspective and showing individuals how to make a difference in how they show their love. 

Courtney has reached her third and final year of her Bachelor of Communication degree at Massey University of Wellington where she has been majoring in Digital Marketing and minoring in Media. Courtney says she is grateful to have the opportunity to intern here at The Good Registry, to gain experience outside of university and use the skills in marketing and media that she has been developing over the past three years.

Courtney was born and raised in the sunny Hawkes Bay, growing up with beautiful beaches and art deco architecture in her back yard. She comes from a family of two, which includes herself and her mum who she is very close with (plus four cats that keep them company). Although an only child, Courtney was lucky to have grown up close to her cousins and counts them as practically siblings. Hawkes Bay provided Courtney with many opportunities to express herself with stage performances in acting, singing and dancing as well as enjoying sports like netball, which she still plays today. 

Courtney says her move to Wellington in 2019 invited a completely new experience in a city full of rich and diverse culture. Her favourite things to do in Wellington include quiz nights, eating out at some of Wellington’s great restaurants, spending quality time with friends and simply enjoying being out and about in the region, either walking or e-scootering in the city.

Over the past two years Courtney has been a vital part of the Massey halls of residence, working as a Residential Advisor to support students as they move out of home to university. In this role Courtney has learnt a range of valuable skills such as communication, community development and collaboration with her fellow team members. She says she enjoys supporting individuals through this role, as well as putting on weekly and monthly hall events to engage and entertain students. 

So why The Good Registry? Courtney understands the need to lessen our impact on the environment through unnecessary waste - where if we all played a small part in being more sustainable it would make a big difference. 

Courtney says she loves The Good Registry’s aim to give simply and do good by reducing the waste of unwanted materialistic gifts. 

“The Good Registry demonstrates how you can still show your friends and family you care for them by encouraging them to give back to those that need it most...and what better gift is that?!” 

Courtney admits that she hadn’t heard of The Good Registry until last year and now she wants to inform and urge her friends and others her age to use this alternate form of gift giving, through the gift of kindness. 

The Good Registry welcomes Courtney into the team and we are looking forward to difference she can make through inspiring more people to choose kindness instead of stuff. 

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