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We have #OnlyOneEarth

By Lucy Smillie - The earth is in a current state of emergency and as our only home, we all need to come together and be drivers of positive and impactful change to protect it. 

Fifty years on from the first environment focused international meeting, the truth of the 1972 World Environment Day theme “Only One Earth” lives on in 2022.

Led by the United Nations Environment Programme, World Environment Day is held every June and highlights the urgent need for action on climate, nature and pollution. 

As one of the largest programmes for environmental outreach, the World Environment Day campaign engages governments, businesses, students, cities and communities around the world by calling for collective and transformative action. 

As individuals, we can celebrate by making more environmentally conscious choices and advocating for change. 

The Only One Earth practical guide suggests that as consumers our choices are vital to creating a more sustainable economy. We need to make some of the following changes to how we handle ‘stuff’: 

1. Think beyond buying 

As consumers we’re often encouraged to over buy or purchase products we don’t need - and more often than not, these items turn into waste and end up in toxic landfills. 

By thinking more consciously about what products we really need and minimizing the amount of stuff we buy and throw away, we can reduce harmful waste that threatens our environment. 

2. Choose products that support ecosystems and the community 

Try choosing sustainable products that have minimal impact on the environment or learn how to make your own natural products. 

To support local communities and make a real impact for people in need, you could also buy the things you need from second hand community stores like The Salvation Army and City Mission (who are both also charity partners at The Good Registry!). 

3. Slow down fashion habits

Fast fashion and consumption contributes significantly to land and water pollution through toxic fibres and micro-plastics. 

Re-wearing old clothing, buying second-hand and supporting brands that support ethical fashion are great ways to stay clear of fast fashion that mass produces at the cost of the environment and exploitative working standards. 

4. Reuse everyday products 

There is nearly always a sustainable alternative to our everyday products and a number of ways to repurpose items to stop them entering harmful landfills. 

Products like plastic containers, cups, cutlery and shopping bags can be completely swapped out for reusable items such as keep cups and tote-bags. 

You can also get creative with how you repurpose items and turn products like plastic containers and milk bottles into pots for some new plants. 

Giving simply and sustainably

At The Good Registry we’re all about giving simply and sustainably, and that’s why we’ve created ways to give that don’t involve more ‘stuff’. 

We’re partners with a number of environmentally focused charities including Kaibosh, Million Meters, Para Kore, Sustainable Coastlines and Trees that Count which you can support through our Good Gift Cards and Good Registries. 

When you purchase a Good Gift Card or create a Good Registry, you're saying no to waste and consumption and instead encouraging real, meaningful impact. 

To celebrate World Earth Day and kickstart your own sustainable choices, you can purchase a Good Gift Card for friends and family here, create a Good Registry for an event here, or donate directly to charities that are making a difference here

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