on Nov 21, 22

We are proudly NZ Made :)

Today is NZ Made Day. We're all encouraged to spend locally to give NZ businesses a boost. Let's do it!

Buying local makes more sense for the environment, with reduced air miles and carbon emissions, legally enforced natural resource protections, and products that are more likely designed to be loved and to last.

It also makes more sense for our communities - local jobs, local investment and local revenue. And, of course, the wellbeing of our communities relies on protecting the natural resources we share.

So, whether it's NZ Made Day, or any day of the year, way choose NZ whenever we can - for the Good of local businesses, our communities, and the planet.

Spending local isn't just about buying 'stuff'. You can also buy experiences from NZ businesses, or donate to local charities.... It's money staying in NZ, creating jobs, supporting communities and supporting the planet.

One way you can gift local and support local charities is with The Good Registry's Good Gift Cards - supporting 65 New Zealand charities. The best gift for NZ, for people and the planet :) 

The Good Registry is proudly NZ Made, and our 65 charity partners are all NZ Made too! 

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