on Feb 22, 18

Trelise's happy birthday without gifts

Trelise Neal celebrated her 8th birthday without gifts from her friends - and couldn’t have been happier. 

Instead of receiving gifts for herself, Trelise decided to donate her birthday to the SPCA. 

Her Mum, Sue suggested the idea to Trelise a few weeks before her birthday, and she gave it lots of thought before deciding she’d like to support the SPCA.

"She said I have enough stuff. I'm never bored. And the animals need it,” Sue says.

"She loved it. I wondered how she would feel afterwards - whether there'd be any regrets -  but she really understood and was happy with her decision."

Trelise raised $309 for the SPCA. That’s enough to vaccinate five puppies or to provide dental care for three horses!

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