on Dec 15, 23

Tips to avoid last-minute Christmas shopping stress

Christmas is just over a week away and the last thing you want is to be caught in the holiday shopping frenzy.

Here are some tips to help you prepare and enjoy the festive season without the stress of last-minute shopping:

Embrace Online Gift Cards:

Consider opting for online gift cards instead of traditional gifts. Whether it's for a favourite online store, streaming service, or gaming platform (or charity donations like at The Good Registry), electronic gifts can be sent anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. It saves you from the chaos of crowded stores and also reduces your environmental footprint by eliminating the need for wrapping paper and excessive packaging.

Give experiences instead of stuff

Consider experiences you could give to your loved-ones. That way you can avoid the shops completely at this time of year, and have the joy of activities together in the New Year. If you're spending Christmas Day together, make your own gift voucher to put under the tree. Otherwise, for friends or family who are further away, send a gift card with your experience voucher (if there's still time for postage) or an email to open on Christmas Day. 

Minimise unnecessary waste:

Opt for gifts that minimise waste and environmental impact. Electronic gifts often come with minimal packaging and reduce the need for disposable wrapping paper. Choose sustainable options that align with your commitment to reducing waste (and the global need to reduce our waste too). This not only benefits the planet but also adds a thoughtful touch to your gift-giving.

Give back through charity donations:

Embrace the spirit of giving by making charitable donations. Donating to local charities, food banks and shelters allows you to support your community during the festive season. You'll make a positive impact and also bring joy to those in need. Or let your friends and family choose charities that they'd like to support, by giving them Good Gift Cards from The Good Registry - we have 65 awesome charities for them to choose from. 


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