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The power of giving in small business 

Carol Fraser, founder of Fraser People knew from when she started her business that she would build it around her values.

Her goal was to bring the right people together to get the most out of their professional lives by focusing on strong relationships, honesty, and exceptional customer service.

After matching the right candidate to the right job with their great clients, Carol says it’s also important to show appreciation and celebrate success. That means gifts.

Carol says she wanted to show appreciation to successful candidates with something meaningful. She started with cupcakes and after discovering The Good Registry, decided to give both a delicious box of cupcakes and a Good Gift Card.

Carol does a lot of giving back and mentoring in her personal life and wanted to find a way to also give back through her business. Giving successful candidates an opportunity through The Good Registry to donate to their favourite causes did just that, with the bonus of giving sustainably.

“I absolutely love that The Good Registry supports New Zealand charities.”

“It has been so well received. One of the candidates said they went home and had fun with their children looking at all the different charities and donating some here and some there.”

It’s not surprising with all of this good being done that Fraser People took out the “Outstanding Small Agency” award in July at the RCSA (Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Associations) New Zealand Industry Awards. As a team of two, Carol and Leila who are sisters, were also delighted to receive highly commended feedback from the judges in the Social Purpose category, with some amazing comments:

“Brilliant work Fraser People, the ability to make such a substantial impact in the community despite having a small team is truly remarkable. Fraser People shows that the power is in our small to medium agencies leading the way.”

“The industry needs more agencies like Fraser People. Keep doing what you do best, being kind, listening and responding where it’s needed most.”

Fraser People highlights the importance of giving back regardless of the size of your business – there is always a way to contribute to your community, whether it be giving time, skills, or donations.

Carol says it’s about “just being a good human, treating people as you want to be treated.”

“That’s why I knew that the minute I could start giving back in my business, I would, and I’ve been able to do that through The Good Registry.”

That's the sort of Goodness we love to see! 

A picture of Goodness - how Fraser People give back

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