on Oct 05, 21

The joy of meaningful mahi

By Courtney Ellingham Prebble

Over the past 14 weeks, I have been interning here at The Good Registry creating engaging content on our social media platforms, providing my insight on all things good and learning more and more about gifting more goodness and less waste.

When I first started at The Good Registry I will be honest in saying that I was unsure of what it was. Now after 14 weeks I can confidently say that I wish that everyone knew about all the amazing mahi that The Good Registry does.

I came in on my first day having done some research about The Good Registry but it wasn’t until I talked to Christine (the Good Registry’s Chief of Good) and started doing my own work here that I truly understood the difference that we can make in the world when it comes to gifting.

I have learnt that we often feel the need to give gifts for special moments in our friends’ and families’ lives - like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and other holidays - where more often than not those gifts end up being unused or discarded after some time. 

Using a platform like The Good Registry, where someone has the ability to choose which charity their money will go to, is such a special gift as it is guaranteed to make a difference in another’s life - or the lives of many.

I have also had the opportunity to meet some of the amazing people behind the charities involved, and the businesses using The Good Registry, like Rachel Friend from The Neonatal Trust and Carol Fraser from Fraser People, who have inspired me in my life with the work that they do. 

Interning at The Good Registry has made me a lot more conscious about what I can do in my life to make the people around me feel special while also making a difference in communities that need it most. 

One of the most exciting parts of interning at The Good Registry has been telling my friends and family about what we do, and educating them as they follow my journey to help tell the story of The Good Registry through mediums such as blog posts, Instagram reels, newsletters and pictures that are informative and entertaining for those that engage.

It has meant the world to me to have been able to do such meaningful work, and my own learning about the impact I am making on the environment and good causes most definitely won’t stop here. 

Thanks to The Good Registry, I have been opened up to a completely new way of giving that I never knew about before my time here. I now know that come the next birthday, holiday, anniversary, or congratulatory present, I have the perfect gift in mind that not only reduces unnecessary waste but helps amazing causes and takes away the stress of having to think about what to give.

I am so grateful for my time here at The Good Registry and it has made me think about how I and the people around me can make a difference in how we show our appreciation for one another through something meaningful. 

I look forward to the future and I know I will always have my whānau at The Good Registry to guide and support me whenever I need them. I will definitely still be around filming a few more videos here and there so don’t you worry - you haven’t seen the last of my dance moves!

Haere ra! 

Courtney :) 

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