on May 08, 18

The gift that changes lives for women from refugee backgrounds

Rebecca Stewart, co-founder of Pomegranate Kitchen, says they rely on the donations of others to run their social enterprise — which trains women from refugee backgrounds to work in a commercial kitchen.
They cater for events with foods that are familiar to them, such as homemade breads, falafel, and baklava to name a few. 
Rebecca says, “Food is the great social connector across cultures.  We’re focused on the positive skills people from a refugee background can bring to New Zealand.
“We are a charitable trust but we operate like a business. We are a catering company with a difference because we work with home cooks from a refugee background.” 
The donations that Pomegranate Kitchen receive through The Good Registry are used to support this training, helping more women to develop valuable professional skills and improve their English.
Since starting, they have also been able to partner with WelTec to create an ‘English for Cooks’ course. Receiving donations from events at The Good Registry (such as Dan and Anoushka’s Christmas) helps Pomegranate Kitchen to keep offering in depth training and keep the kitchen going. 

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