on Nov 16, 18

Sharing the gift of happiness

Andrew Ritchie was stoked when his partner Sarah asked for donations instead of traditional gifts for her birthday. 

Andrew likes to be creative with his gifts for Sarah — with simple and thoughtful gestures like hand-picked wild flowers and hand-drawn cards.

Nevertheless, he says getting organised with gifts can be challenge! 

“I guess I’m a stereotypical guy in that I would typically leave it to the last minute, so selfishly I was really happy about how easy it would be to make a donation.”

But the most important thing with gift giving is to make people happy, he says. “And I knew that this was what would make Sarah the happiest. So it was a no-brainer.”

Andrew says Sarah’s face would light up every day when she saw new donations for her chosen charity, Garden to Table, on her Good Registry.

“Because I know her so well and I know how big her heart is, it just meant so much to see the big smile on her face each day when she received another donation. It made her so happy deep down in her soul.”

Andrew says giving to Sarah’s registry felt Good for him too.

“I feel great — it’s something really good and really useful, as opposed to some trinket you might find at a shop.”

He says giving on The Good Registry was intuitive and easy, and it was great to see his donation instantly added to the total donated for Sarah and Garden to Table, and his message pop up on her registry page.

In fact, it all felt so good that he’s now considering creating his own registry for Christmas or his birthday.

“Once you do it once, you realise how easy it is, and all of the benefits— from making the person happy, to reducing waste, and knowing it is going to a good purpose. I see if from many different angles now and it is just brilliant.”

Originally from Toronto, Andrew says The Good Registry would be a great solution for gifts from his friends and family back home.

“It would allow my family overseas to do something nice rather than send something through the mail, and they would get to know something about where I live as well through the charities and causes on The Good Registry”.

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