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The 7 stages of receiving a charity donation gift - A Good Registry Gift Card recipient’s journey

When choosing a present for a loved one have you ever thought about ‘giving the gift of giving’? Today, there are many ways you could do this, such as making a donation in their name. Or buying them a gift card where they choose a charity to donate to (our favourite option – no surprises there!).

If you’ve ever paused before making this kind of purchase, we know there’s sometimes a big barrier holding you back. You don’t know what your giftee will think of the gift – or indeed, if they’ll like it.

So what does it feel like to be the recipient of a charity donation? You’re about to find out. 

Here, Good Gift Card recipient Tori McLennon shares the ‘7 stages of receiving a charity donation gift’.

1. Excitement 

It’s always exciting receiving a gift, for me at least. For readers who know of Gary Chapman’s ‘love languages’, my top language is gifts.

Not just any gifts. I’m not a fan of stuff for the sake of stuff. I’m a fan of thoughtful gifts. Ones that show the giver knows you, has thought about you and understands what you like.

So I was really excited to receive a gift card for The Good Registry. I love helping people and putting back into my community. This was the perfect gift for me. 

2. Surprise 

I jumped onto The Good Registry’s ‘Redeem a gift card’ page and, after less than a minute of scrolling, I wished I had a million dollars to give away.

There were so many causes I wanted to support.

I felt genuinely surprised at how many amazing organisations are out there helping the community. (Seriously, go scroll through their page. I bet there’s a BUNCH you haven’t heard of).

It’s a surprising, awe-inspiring, crazy feeling to know how many people are working or volunteering across NZ to make their communities better.

3. Overcome 

With The Good Registry, you have the choice of how you want to spend your gift card. You can put the full amount of your card towards one charity, or give a series of smaller donations.

With a $30 gift card in my hot little hands, it was a tough decision. I could make one substantial donation to one organisation. Or I could donate $5 to six organisations and spread the love further.

Overwhelmed, it was time to phone a friend. I called my mum – a seasoned volunteer.

Jane Goodall is a great charity”, she said. “And women’s refuges are a great cause. And don’t forget the SPCA and Lifeline.”

Wise words from a wise woman. Looks like I would be splitting my dollars up – so I could help a number of causes. 

But which ones?

4. Engaged 

Time to do some research. 

While I knew each charity was worthy in its own right. I wanted to back causes I truly believed in, and that aligned with my values.

By hovering my mouse over each charity, The Good Registry website showed me a quick view on what each organisation is about. For the ones I liked the look of, clicking the icon on the page took me to more info, detailing the charity’s mission, and where my money was going.

And for the charities I really wanted to go down the rabbit hole with, I clicked through to their website to do a deep dive.

5. Empowered

Armed with research, I was ready to make some decisions. These were the six charities I chose:

  1. Inside out: Builds LGBTQIA+ safe & positive spaces in schools and communities.
  2. Jane Goodall Institute: Enables people to create a better world for people, animals and the environment. 
  3. SPCA: Protecting sick, injured, abandoned, lost or abused animals – and finding them loving homes. 
  4. Sustainable Coastlines: Enables people to look after the coastal places we love.
  5. Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation: Helps sexual abuse survivors of any age with counselling and therapy services. 
  6. Wellington Women’s Refuge: Provides support to survivors of domestic violence through safe-housing and community based services. 

6. Proud

So how did I feel at the end of the experience? ‘Proud’ is the best way to describe it. It’s such a warm feeling knowing I’ve done something today that will make a number of people’s lives better – and the world a little better, too.

7. Converted 

After enjoying the experience so much myself, I will definitely be giving The Good Registry’s Gift Cards as presents in the near future!

Much like receiving any other ‘experience gift’ (like wine tasting or bungee jumping), it is truly a memorable and fun experience. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I can’t wait to gift this experience onto someone else. 

Consider me converted to this form of giving.

So, are you ready to give the gift of giving? Then head over to find out a bit more about The Good Registry's Gift cards. 

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