on Jul 03, 18

"Thanks for your awesomeness" from Project Jonah to Good Givers

Good Givers at The Good Registry have now raised more than $1000 towards saving dolphins and whales.

Two children (including an aspiring marine biologist!) have so far pledged their birthdays to Project Jonah through The Good Registry. 

Project Jonah have also had a 50th birthday and a Christmas pledged to them, as well as donations with our Good Gift Cards.

All up, that’s raised more than $1000 to help Project Jonah save precious marine mammals. An awesome 38 people have given donations to Project Jonah instead of giving gifts since we launched The Good Registry.

Project Jonah says those 38 people have made a huge difference for the work Project Jonah does with marine mammals, and for the environment too.

“Not only are they helping us to continue our work protecting New Zealand’s whales and dolphins, they’re helping us to educate the next generation about the importance of the marine environment. AND they’re reducing the number of unwanted socks, picture frames and “stuff” in the world. We can only congratulate them on their awesomeness,” says Project Jonah spokeswoman Louisa Hawkes.

"The money raised over the last six months has enabled us to do a few different things. Firstly it’s contributed to funding our emergency text mobilisation system. During a stranding event we often need to contact a large number of our trained volunteers at once. To do this we use a web-to-text system, but every text we send and every text we receive costs money. We’ve had a few incidents this year where we’ve put our volunteers on standby and the money raised from The Good Registry has covered the cost in doing so.” 

“We’re also in the process of training school education volunteers to visit schools around the country. Thanks to the generosity of supporters we’ve been able to equip these volunteers with the resources they need to make presentations fun and engaging!”

We're so proud to have supported this work, and you can be too! 

You can read about how one of our Good Givers, Kirsty Fyfe, pledged her 50th birthday to help Project Jonah through The Good Registry here.

And find out more about Project Jonah and the wonderful work they do on their website here.

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