on Aug 31, 21

Supporting the people of Afghanistan

There is an amazing charity in Auckland that is currently trying to reunite women and children who are stuck in Kabul with their family members in New Zealand.

The Auckland Refugee Family Trust provides financial support to refugee and asylum seekers who are trying to reunite with their families. Often these families have visas but don’t have the financial means to get their loved ones to Aotearoa.

At the moment the Trust is trying to raise as much money as they can to support a number of Afghan refugees who are trying to get their wives and children to New Zealand once commercial flights open up again.

Sam Blackley is one of the members of the Trust, and with her birthday coming up, she decided to set up an event on The Good Registry to raise funds.

“It wasn’t going to be a big birthday anyway with Auckland in lockdown, and instead of another scented candle (while lovely), what was most on my mind was helping these families who are desperately trying to reunite with their loved ones stuck in Afghanistan.

“As soon as commercial flights resume, the cost of fares are going to be huge, any money raised will go directly to cover travel costs for families who would otherwise be unable to afford them,” Sam said.

She was thrilled to have raised $900 for the families. “Thank you so much to The Good Registry for providing this platform, and to my family and friends for your generous donations.”

The news coming out of Afghanistan also compelled two of The Good Registry’s own crew - Ainsley Harris and Courtney Ellingham Prebble - to set up a registry for the ARFT. 

“If you've been stuck wondering what you could do to help the dire situation in Afghanistan, you're not alone - Courtney Ellingham Prebble and I have been feeling the same,” Ainsley wrote on the event page.

“ARFT does not often put out this kind of SOS but lives are at stake, and they are tens of thousands of dollars short of being able to help the families they are supporting.”

The registry is open until 23 September, and so far the pair have raised more than $300 for ARFT.

If you have  an event or celebration coming up - maybe a birthday or wedding, or you’re like Ainsley and Courtney and there is a particular cause or issue you want to support - then check out The Good Registry. With 65 NZ charities available to donate to, you can use your special event to not only celebrate, but also to do good. 


- by Rachael Bhadury

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