on Apr 07, 22

Summer of Tech living their values of kindness and generosity

Have you heard of Summer of Tech?

They’re a world-class internship programme here in NZ that helps technology, ICT and design students and graduates kick-start their careers.

Candidates are matched with employers where they can grow their knowledge and skills and bring new ideas and perspectives into their workplaces.

The programme is grounded in the values of kindness and generosity - made possible through the kindness of volunteers.

Now they’ve become our latest Good givers at The Good Registry.

Summer of Tech is living their values by acknowledging volunteers with The Good Registry's gift cards, so every volunteer can donate to causes they care about.

The first bundle of Good Gift Cards went out in the first week of April, 2022 - spreading joy and kindness to almost 30 volunteers and flowing through to our 65 partner charities. Ka rawe! 

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