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Staying thoughtful, thriving and connected - the ethical way

About once each month Kate Hall purchases a Good Gift Card to give to a friend or family member, whether it be for a birthday, to say thanks, or as a get well soon gift.

Living north of Auckland with her husband Tim, the kiwi influencer (known online as @ethicallykate) describes her eco lifestyle as thoughtful, thriving, and connected. Through conscious decisions and a lot of reflection, Kate strives to live as ethically and sustainably as possible — all the while documenting her tips, tricks, struggles and strategies online.

When it comes to giving gifts, The Good Registry is Kate’s go-to option. “The Good Registry aligns with my values in that it’s about giving back. People already have so much stuff and I don’t want to give them another candle or a cushion. With a Good Gift Card the rush of receiving a new item can be replaced with the feeling of giving back,” she says.

The Good Registry’s Good Gift Cards give the joy of giving — the recipient can choose between 65 New Zealand charities to make donations to with their gift card.

One of Kate’s recent Good Gift Cards went to a friend and fellow activist. “When she was unwell and couldn’t work, I sent her a Good Gift Card as a get well soon card,” Kate says. “It was a great activity for her to do while she was lying in bed and a way to show her that change is still happening even if she is unable to get out there to do what she loves.”

A major point that Kate likes to make to her followers is that you don’t need to be a full-blown activist to make change happen. “You don’t need to quit your job or dedicate all your time to promoting ethical choices. I like gifting The Good Registry’s Good Gift Cards because it makes people feel like they can make a difference without having to overthrow their entire lifestyle to do so,” she says.

With 24,600 followers on her Instagram account, Kate is spreading her ethical messages far and wide, and making social media a more inspiring place in the meantime.

“I never set out to be an influencer,” Kate says. It wasn’t until 2015, after watching the documentary The True Cost, that she learnt the unethical truth about fast fashion and couldn’t help but post about it online.

“I couldn’t shut up about sustainable and ethical choices online and people seemed to appreciate that,” she says. Since then, Kate has posted about all sorts of ethical and sustainable ideas that people can take on board to create a more balanced life.

“I call myself an inspirer, not an influencer,” she says. “Social media gets a bad rap around its negative aspects and how it can be used, but I couldn’t have reached this many people without it. Some people say they’re going off social media because it’s so terrible, but it is what you make it. You can make it a space that helps you thrive.”

Kate understands the importance of following accounts that may not align with our personal views, but that we can learn from and have constructive conversations with. “I don’t want to encourage people to only follow those in their own ‘eco chamber’ as it’s important we broaden our minds and follow accounts that we may not agree with,” she says.

As someone who engages in conversations with followers who may have opposing views to her, her main message is about living a happy life. “I think that when you live sustainably you are happier. It can seem like you have to sacrifice a lot but actually you have a more fulfilling life,” she says.

You can follow Kate’s lifestyle blog on Instagram at @ethicallykate, The Good Registry’s Instagram page at @thegoodregistry, or take inspiration from Kate’s story and purchase a Good Gift Card here.

- By Caitlin Turner

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