on Feb 15, 23

Starting the year with goodness!

There are many times throughout the year that can call for a small thank you, celebration or moment of kindness with clients.

Anniversaries, Christmas, business milestones and successes, projects won and done. Or the start of a new year, and all that promises.

EightyOneM director Grant Maxwell decided that the start of 2023 was a great time to show a little aroha.

So he sent clients gift cards from The Good Registry, giving each of them the joy of donating to charities that they care about - supporting the mahi of 65 charities across Aotearoa.

Grant said he wanted to start the new year by showing clients how important they are, and how much he enjoys working with them. And he wanted to do it in a way that shows aroha for our communities and the environment too.

“I am increasingly concerned about the environmental impact that business has on the world - as evidenced by the recent tragic weather events that we’ve been experiencing.  So an added positive for this was knowing that I wasn’t generating more unnecessary carbon emissions by purchasing and sending physical gifts.” 

Since sending out the Good Gift Cards he says he’s had so much lovely feedback.  

“I reckon this is food for the soul - and it reinforces that key point that giving feels better than receiving.  So why not give the gift of giving?”

Here’s a taste of the happy feedback from Grant’s clients:

“I LOVE this idea so much. So so much. I’ve donated the whole $50 to Bellyful 😊

“Thank you so much for the Good Registry gift, so thoughtful of you and I can't wait to choose a charity!”

“Wow, what a lovely and perfect appreciation idea. It will be a challenge choosing the recipient.”

 “Great little gift! I donated to Graeme Dingle – they’re awesome! “

“That was fun, thank you!”

* EightyOne is Wellington's largest independent creative agency. Grant Maxwell is Director of EightyOneM, their media strategy arm. 

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