on Apr 13, 24

Small steps for a smaller footprint

By Christine Langdon - There’s been a lot of bad news for climate change and the environment lately. 

This makes the mahi of environmental charities and advocates more important than ever. And it makes our individual choices and impacts on the environment tremendously important too.

When you gift through The Good Registry you’re making a choice that helps protect our environment and resources. It’s the big gift with the tiny footprint.

Every gift through The Good Registry is also a chance to support charities that are helping to protect and restore our environment. So today we are shining the light on four of those charities.

1.   Sustainable Coastlines: inspires change through beach clean-ups, education and litter data collection. So far they have cleaned up 1,737,101 litres of litter, planted 337,324 trees beside waterways and helped educate 251,872 presentation attendees.

2.   Para Kore: delivers a te ao Māori based zero-waste education programme called Oranga Taiao. The programme aims to design out waste and strengthen connections to Papatūānuku and Ranginui.

3.  Trees that Count: funds native trees for restoration projects aimed at improving water quality, protecting land from erosion and enchancing biodiversity. So far, they have helped plant 2,205,724 trees across 1,507 planting projects.

4.  Kaibosh Food Rescue: partners with the food industry and community groups to rescue and redistribute quality surplus food. Stopping quality food from being thrown out significantly cuts down on carbon emissions from food waste, as well as providing food for people in need. So far, Kaibosh has rescued and redistributed 4,053,331kg of quality surplus food, preventing 10,741,326 kg of carbon emissions.

We acknowledge the critical work each of these charities does, and we are very proud to support them in our small way.

And we thank everyone who gifts through The Good Registry - to these charities, and to our 60 other charity partners. Your contribution to protecting our planet and our futures means the Earth to us.  


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