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Research confirms that Kiwis prefer sustainable gifts

By Ben Treseder - It’s that time of year again and for such a joyful season concerns such as money stress, festive spending, credit card debt and the idea of sustainability can make it more stressful than it needs to be. 

At The Good Registry we embrace sustainability and conscious consumption, and while Christmas can cause waste and unconscious purchasing, new research from Banked.co.nz shows that two out of three of us would pay more for a gift if it was sustainable. This is especially true for younger generations with around three out of four Millennials and Gen Zers willing to pay more. How awesome is that! 

Stress levels during the festive season often skyrocket and with around half of us feeling some kind of stress, especially women and younger people, it is important to remember that this time of year is meant to be enjoyed. 

While inflation continues to push up costs, the research from Banked.co.nz found that a third of Kiwis expect to spend more this year than last.

While deciding on gifts can cause stress in itself, The Good Registry allows you to give your friends and family the gift of choice - they get to decide which charirites they’d like to donate to instead of you deciding that for them. And you can choose the value of your gift - our gift cards start at $10 (no increases here for inflation!).

As little as $10 can still have a meaningful impact for our charity partners too - for example $10 could gift someone a meal at the Auckland City Mission, help Trees that Count to plant another native tree, or buy five meals for a dog in the care of Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming.

For the youth, giving back to teachers and/or coaches can be a nice gesture when the school year finishes. With factors such as sustainability on the front of younger minds, the idea of zero-waste charitable spending is hard to look past. We can all make conscious decisions when buying gifts, and making sustainable choices such as giving a Good Gift Card from The Good Registry allows recipients to give as well as receive this Christmas.

With workplace Christmas giving and secret Santa happening at many workplaces this month, it is important to remember a few key principles - like keeping it local and sustainable, and giving back to the communities we are part of too. 

Sustainable giving is the best giving and while a cheap gimmick for secret Santa might be a bit of fun on the day, it’s not so much fun if it ends up in landfill.  A charity gift card or an office fundraiser might be a better choice. This can be easily organised online, and the thought of giving to a charitable cause is something the whole office can embrace. 

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